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A day at Malmö Konsthall: bringing art to life

Malmö Konsthall

In recent years, there have been growing efforts to give art and design less of an abstract image and make it accessible for everyone. Malmö Konsthall in Sweden is among the institutions pioneering this development. As well as putting on purely visual exhibitions, it offers art that represents a real experience for visitors of all ages. That is why we decided that the art gallery was worth a visit as part of our ‘Design for Social Innovation’ campaign.

Mike Nelson’s work ‘408 tons of imperfect geometry’ is a good example of how art can be experienced at the museum. Without closing the gallery to visitors, the British artist arranged 408 tons of concrete blocks in a geometric pattern on the museum’s floor. The tonnage of the blocks was calculated to ensure that the museum’s floor could support both the concrete and the weight of the visitors. The geometric shapes are based on religious and philosophical motifs from around the world. What makes this installation so special is that visitors can walk through it, experience the meditative structure, become part of it and take photos. Mike Nelson is not interested in didacticism: he wants people to experience his art.

Our day at the art gallery was a real experience and something we would thoroughly recommend to anyone.